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Susan Herr Animating the Newspaper Business, or 'Z-Philanthra', Journalism Superhero! Jul 15, 2009
Susan Herr All-Star Federal Philanthropy Team? Jun 12, 2009
Susan Herr Clean Water -- A Forgotten Glass Ceiling Global Philanthropy May 21, 2009
Susan Herr Jobs for Change Nonprofit Management May 15, 2009
Susan Herr Mother's Day Gifts That Keep on Giving Philanthropic Strategy May 08, 2009
Susan Herr Donor Tom Siebel Fights Meth Abuse in Montana May 02, 2009
Susan Herr Eli Lilly and Co. -- Innovating to Address TB Health Apr 22, 2009
Susan Herr Are Nonprofits Loved More Than Respected? Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 17, 2009
Susan Herr Proven Innovations for Mass Transit Environment Apr 10, 2009
Susan Herr Civic Engagement the Silver Lining in Today's Clouds? Apr 04, 2009
Susan Herr Open Society Institute Advances Drug Policy Reform Peace and Justice Mar 27, 2009
Susan Herr Could Philanthropy Advance Financial Accountability in the US? Philanthropic Strategy Mar 13, 2009
Susan Herr Acumen Fund's Novogratz Has a Compelling Story to Tell Mar 06, 2009
Susan Herr Google Foundation Chief Steps Down Feb 27, 2009
Susan Herr Pell Grants, Stimulus Packages and Underemployment Education Feb 20, 2009
Susan Herr Restorative Justice Decreasing Prisoner Population? Peace and Justice Feb 09, 2009
Susan Herr VIDEO-- Engaging Youth Post-Election Streaming Media Jan 23, 2009
Susan Herr Ford President in Forbes on Default Mortgages Oct 21, 2008
Susan Herr Guidebooks for (More Conservative) Donors Education Oct 14, 2008
Susan Herr Hewlett's Paul Brest Advocates for On-Line Giving Markets Oct 08, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO - Ana Oliveira on ROI for Foundation Support of Policy Efforts Streaming Media Sep 16, 2008
Susan Herr The Rise of PhilanthroSourcing (Part 3 of 3) Philanthropic Strategy Aug 29, 2008
Susan Herr The Rise of PhilanthroSourcing (Part 2 of 3) Philanthropic Strategy Aug 28, 2008
Susan Herr The Rise of PhilanthroSourcing (Part 1 of 3) Philanthropic Strategy Aug 27, 2008
Susan Herr Audiocast : Donor Strategies for the Environment Streaming Media Aug 01, 2008
Susan Herr Response: Inspiring Young People About Civic Engagement Youth Jul 25, 2008
Susan Herr KIDS COUNT -- But for How Much? Jul 18, 2008
Susan Herr Freakanomics Author on Wealthy Donors Jul 11, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO--Farmers Markets are a "Growing" Movement Environment Jun 23, 2008
Susan Herr Green Burn-Out Jun 17, 2008
Susan Herr Education Reform as a Litmus Test for Obama and Others Education Jun 13, 2008
Susan Herr Microfinance's Appeal for Entreprenuers Jun 12, 2008
Susan Herr Prisoner Re-Entry Peace and Justice Jun 06, 2008
Susan Herr Market Volatility Calls for Long-Term Approach to Donating Securities High Net Worth Donors Jun 05, 2008
Susan Herr Why Should We Care About Children's Media Use? Jun 03, 2008
Susan Herr Environmentalists Want to Cut Down Trees?! Environment May 30, 2008
Susan Herr Connecting Organic Farmers to the Marketplace May 29, 2008
Susan Herr Animal Rights v. Animal Welfare (Part 3 of 3) May 22, 2008
Susan Herr Animal Rights v. Animal Welfare (Part 2 of 3) May 21, 2008
Susan Herr Animal Rights v. Animal Welfare (Part 1 of 3) May 20, 2008
Susan Herr Ashoka Advancing Social Impact Globally Social Entreprenuers May 16, 2008
Susan Herr Overcoming Board Inertia Nonprofit Management May 09, 2008
Susan Herr Focus Your MBA On Creating Change? Cross-Sectoral Strategies May 08, 2008
Susan Herr Food Illuminates the Chasms Between US Citizens May 07, 2008
Susan Herr Communities Do, In Fact, Differ From Dollar Bills May 06, 2008
Susan Herr GOOD Magazine Appears to Be... Apr 29, 2008
Susan Herr General Election Elevating Youth Civic Engagement Youth Apr 25, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Latinos Advance Healthy Living Health Apr 22, 2008
Susan Herr Fundraisers Aren't Allowed a Cut of the "Profits" Apr 17, 2008
Susan Herr How Viable are Public Education Campaigns? Apr 15, 2008
Susan Herr John Whitehead on Improving Public Schools Education Apr 11, 2008
Susan Herr Culturally Sensitive Health Living Programs Health Apr 10, 2008
Susan Herr Give to Your Alma Mater (Part 3 of 3) Apr 04, 2008
Susan Herr Give to Your Alma Mater? (Part 2 of 3) Apr 03, 2008
Susan Herr Give to Your Alma Mater? (Part 1 of 3) Apr 02, 2008
Susan Herr Negotiating the Perils of Board Giving Minimums Nonprofit Management Apr 01, 2008
Susan Herr Voice Mail Empowers Homeless with Cisco Support Mar 28, 2008
Susan Herr AUDIO -- Major Donor Speaks on Leverage and Strategy Mar 21, 2008
Susan Herr Philanthrocapitalism -- Not for the Faint of Heart Mar 20, 2008
Susan Herr The Complete Guide to "Social Capital Marketplaces" Mar 18, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Donor Gives Her Wealth to Advance Social Change Mar 14, 2008
Susan Herr Robert Wood Johnson's Sports Philanthropy Project Mar 11, 2008
Susan Herr Christian Science Monitor Reports Nonprofit Journalism on Rise Mar 07, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Ben Cameron on Arts Innovation Mar 06, 2008
Susan Herr Do Metrics Inhibit Long-Term, Philanthropic Vision? Mar 04, 2008
Susan Herr Slate 60 Could Reward Biggest and Best Feb 29, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO--Mayors Speak to America's Needs Streaming Media Feb 25, 2008
Susan Herr The Number One Requirement for Board Members? Feb 22, 2008
Susan Herr Discerning Donors -- Born or Made? Philanthropic Strategy Feb 21, 2008
Susan Herr Social Entrepreneurs Addressing the Subprime Crisis Feb 20, 2008
Susan Herr Conservative Foundations More Strategic in Advancing Agendas? Education Feb 19, 2008
Susan Herr Tracy Gary on "Inspired Legacies" Feb 15, 2008
Susan Herr Casey Funds Promote Youth Worker Retention Youth Feb 12, 2008
Susan Herr Surprising New Research on High-Impact Nonprofits Feb 11, 2008
Susan Herr Teen Pregnancy is Up Feb 07, 2008
Susan Herr Spiritually and Ethically-Oriented Advisors Feb 05, 2008
Susan Herr Innovation is Nothing Without Execution Jan 31, 2008
Susan Herr Filmanthropy Strikes Again with "Kicking It" Jan 29, 2008
Susan Herr Promoting Sustainable Change in Africa (Part 3 of 3) Jan 28, 2008
Susan Herr Promoting Sustainable Change in Africa (Part 2 of 3) Jan 25, 2008
Susan Herr Promoting Sustainable Change in Africa (Part 1 of 3) Global Philanthropy Jan 24, 2008
Susan Herr Corporate Social Responsiblity Flung Afar Jan 18, 2008
Susan Herr Animal Rights Advanced by Popular Chef Jan 17, 2008
Susan Herr Benetech Wins Giant Federal Competition Jan 15, 2008
Susan Herr Foundations Promote Privitization of Schools Education Jan 11, 2008
Susan Herr Cities as a Unique Frame for Philanthropy Jan 10, 2008
Susan Herr Leveraging Social Impact by Looking to the Election Cross-Sectoral Strategies Jan 03, 2008
Susan Herr Peace Corps Pursuing Baby Boomers Too! Dec 27, 2007
Susan Herr When Do Donor Collaborations Make Sense? Dec 26, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO-Building Philanthropic Families Dec 21, 2007
Susan Herr Good Intentions Aren't Always Enough Dec 20, 2007
Susan Herr Corporate Philanthropy in China Dec 13, 2007
Susan Herr Access Research on Child Development Dec 12, 2007
Susan Herr Avoiding "Original" Research Dec 11, 2007
Susan Herr PhilanthroMedia Interviews U.S. Mayors Dec 10, 2007
Susan Herr Small Family Foundation Wins National Recognition Dec 05, 2007
Susan Herr Exciting Youth About Science and Math Education Dec 04, 2007
Susan Herr Blue-Chip Banks Collaborate on Airlifts to Darfur Nov 28, 2007
Susan Herr Media By/For Youth and Adults Who Care Nov 27, 2007
Susan Herr Sudanese Philanthropist Offers World's Largest Prize Nov 26, 2007
Susan Herr Fantasy Philanthropy Nov 21, 2007
Susan Herr Can Filmanthropy Negotiate Multiple Demands? Arts and Culture Nov 18, 2007
Susan Herr Rockefeller Bros Fund Shows Nuanced Approach Nov 15, 2007
Susan Herr Geeky Social Innovators Nov 14, 2007
Susan Herr Environmental Donor Strategies Environment Nov 13, 2007
Susan Herr Future of "New Donors" Not So New? High Net Worth Donors Nov 06, 2007
Susan Herr Where Can Donors Find Philanthropy 202? Nov 02, 2007
Susan Herr Personalized Medicine Initiative Launched Health Nov 01, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Texas Tackles Wrongful Conviction Oct 31, 2007
Susan Herr Innovative Jewish Nonprofits Selected Oct 30, 2007
Susan Herr Preserve Trees Instead of Planting Them! Oct 29, 2007
Susan Herr Progress Against Nonprofit Performance Measurement Oct 26, 2007
Susan Herr MicroFinance from Geneva Global Oct 25, 2007
Susan Herr SVP is Making Connections Happen Oct 22, 2007
Susan Herr Richard Branson on Capitalist Philanthropy Oct 17, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Youth on the Road to Public Policy Careers Peace and Justice Oct 12, 2007
Susan Herr Foundations Leveraged Conservative Political Change Philanthropic Strategy Oct 11, 2007
Susan Herr Google Finds Rich Don't Give to Poor High Net Worth Donors Oct 10, 2007
Susan Herr L3C Legal Structure Oct 04, 2007
Susan Herr SVP Launches New Blog Oct 03, 2007
Susan Herr David Rockefeller Jr and Susie Buffet on Giving Oct 02, 2007
Susan Herr Is Community Leadership Arrogant? Philanthropic Strategy Oct 01, 2007
Susan Herr Giving Circles Sep 19, 2007
Susan Herr Kiva, Oprah, Risk Rating Systems Sep 12, 2007
Susan Herr 9/11--How About a Little Innovation Here? Scaling Philanthropy Sep 11, 2007
Susan Herr Girls Scouts Streamlining to Enhance Impact Sep 07, 2007
Susan Herr The Future of Fundraising Sep 04, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Donor Engagement and Scale Aug 31, 2007
Susan Herr Mentoring Works (For You?) Youth Aug 29, 2007
Susan Herr Siblings in Foster Care Youth Aug 27, 2007
Susan Herr Worth Mag on Philanthropy, Foreign and Domestic Aug 24, 2007
Susan Herr Financial Times Speaks to Need for Board Members High Net Worth Donors Aug 23, 2007
Susan Herr Donors Who Go Beyond Grantmaking Aug 22, 2007
Susan Herr Millionaire Out-Housing Habitat (Part 2) Aug 17, 2007
Susan Herr Millionaire Out-Housing Habitat (Part 1) Aug 16, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Dining for Board Diversity Streaming Media Aug 14, 2007
Susan Herr Food Bank Business Model Debated Aug 06, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Redefining Black Philanthropy Streaming Media Aug 03, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Introducing GivingNet Streaming Media Aug 01, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Actress Speaks, from Experience, for Talented Foster Youth Youth Aug 01, 2007
Susan Herr Community Foundations Press For Accountability Accountability Jul 30, 2007
Susan Herr Accountability Convergence in NYT's and Blogosphere Jul 27, 2007
Susan Herr Scale is Not the Enemy -- Part II Philanthropic Strategy Jul 20, 2007
Susan Herr Scale is Not the Enemy -- Part I Philanthropic Strategy Jul 19, 2007
Susan Herr Activists with Wealth Coming Out of the Closet High Net Worth Donors Jul 16, 2007
Susan Herr How Philanthropy Didn’t Kill Alcoholics Anonymous (Part 2) Jul 10, 2007
Susan Herr How Philanthropy Didn’t Kill Alcoholics Anonymous (Part 1) Jul 09, 2007
Susan Herr Deepak Chopra on Global Change Jul 06, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Changing Public Education on a Scale That Matters Streaming Media Jun 25, 2007
Susan Herr Merit Pay for Teachers Gains Ground Education Jun 22, 2007
Susan Herr Gifts to Ivy League Schools More Self-Serving Than Philanthropic? Education Jun 18, 2007
Susan Herr Research Unkind to Abstinence-Only Approaches Youth Jun 14, 2007
Susan Herr SSIR Article Debunks Microfinance Microfinance Jun 13, 2007
Susan Herr Truth When Kindly Fibs Would Feel Better - Foundation Accountability (Part 3 of 3) Accountability Jun 12, 2007
Susan Herr Truth When Kindly Fibs Would Feel Better - Foundation Accountability (Part 2 of 3) Accountability Jun 11, 2007
Susan Herr Truth When Kindly Fibs Would Feel Better - Foundation Accountability (Part 1 of 3) Accountability Jun 08, 2007
Susan Herr Award-Winning Youth Programs Youth Jun 07, 2007
Susan Herr Video : Foundation Leaders Offer "Insider Insights" Streaming Media May 31, 2007
Susan Herr Audiocast : Donor Strategies for the Environment Environment May 29, 2007
Susan Herr The Imperative of Alternative Teacher Routes Education May 24, 2007
Susan Herr Promoting Choice in Healthcare for Seniors Health May 16, 2007
Susan Herr Crowdsourcing Innovation with Prizes Philanthropic Strategy May 14, 2007
Susan Herr If Darfur Were a Puppy Peace and Justice May 11, 2007
Susan Herr Make New Mistakes Philanthropic Strategy May 10, 2007
Susan Herr A Promising Critique of Social Enterprise May 04, 2007
Susan Herr Market-Based Approach to Prisoner Re-Entry Peace and Justice May 02, 2007
Susan Herr Melinda Gates on Lessons Learning May 02, 2007
Susan Herr ONE-MINUTE VIDEO OF YOU AT COF? Philanthropic Strategy Apr 30, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Filmanthropy Debuts at Sundance Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 27, 2007
Susan Herr Fishes, Loaves, and Burritos Apr 26, 2007
Susan Herr Blogging the Conference on Foundations Accountability Apr 19, 2007
Susan Herr Cautions for a Marriage of Venture Philanthropy Applied to Politics Apr 18, 2007
Susan Herr Will Shareholders Vote for the Double Bottom Line? Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 06, 2007
Susan Herr Sectoral Silos Also Persist in Forbes Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 05, 2007
Susan Herr Forbes Illustrates Expanding Imperative of Biz Press Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 04, 2007
Susan Herr Saving The World A Cup at a Time Microfinance Mar 28, 2007
Susan Herr Accountability as a Struggle Between Head and Heart Accountability Mar 26, 2007
Susan Herr What About Making General Operating Grants More Accountable? Accountability Mar 23, 2007
Susan Herr Giving Away 50 Cents on Every Dollar? High Net Worth Donors Mar 22, 2007
Susan Herr The Hazards of Consumerism? Cross-Sectoral Strategies Mar 15, 2007
Susan Herr Worth –-More Philanthropy Mar 14, 2007
Susan Herr On-Line Donor Tool Philanthropic Strategy Mar 13, 2007
Susan Herr Omidyar Criticized Publicly by Grantees High Net Worth Donors Mar 09, 2007
Susan Herr Pro-Donor and Pro-Business High Net Worth Donors Mar 08, 2007
Susan Herr Congressional Action Threatening Donor Options? High Net Worth Donors Mar 07, 2007
Susan Herr Venture Philanthropy 2.0 in Philanthropy News Digest Philanthropic Strategy Mar 01, 2007
Susan Herr Economics and the Environment Philanthropic Strategy Feb 24, 2007
Susan Herr Peace Corps Volunteers Still Kickin' It Social Entreprenuers Feb 23, 2007
Susan Herr Socially Responsible v. Blood Diamonds Peace and Justice Feb 21, 2007
Susan Herr Kiva Chronicles Relative Advantage of Nonprofit Structure Cross-Sectoral Strategies Feb 16, 2007
Susan Herr Blurring the Lines Between Not and For-Profit Cross-Sectoral Strategies Feb 13, 2007
Susan Herr Do Donor Shopping Guides Really Give a Cow? Accountability Feb 09, 2007
Susan Herr Audiocast: Venture Philanthropy 2.0 Philanthropic Strategy Feb 07, 2007
Susan Herr Schwabification of Philanthropy Feb 05, 2007
Susan Herr Is Filmanthropy Bad for Africa and For Us? Feb 05, 2007
Susan Herr Perspectives on the Gates Foundation's Investment Policies Philanthropic Strategy Feb 02, 2007
Susan Herr No Excuse for Mediocre Secondary Education? Education Jan 31, 2007
Susan Herr Is Emergency Preparedness Your Problem? Emergency Preparedness Jan 30, 2007
Susan Herr Is Change the Outcome You Seek for Your Giving? Philanthropic Strategy Jan 29, 2007
Susan Herr Why are some youth more engaged? Jan 26, 2007
Susan Herr NY Times Ad Claims "PETA Kills Animals?" Jan 25, 2007
Susan Herr Kevin Bacon Launches Six Degrees Jan 24, 2007
Susan Herr Sundance and "Filmanthropy" Jan 23, 2007
Susan Herr Venture Philanthropy Version 2.0 Now Schooling Traditional Foundations Philanthropic Strategy Jan 17, 2007
Susan Herr Tigers and Adventure Philanthropy Jan 12, 2007
Susan Herr Doth the taxman cometh to destroy social innovation? Cross-Sectoral Strategies Jan 11, 2007
Susan Herr Atlantic Philanthropies Launches Partnership to Mobilize Seniors Aging Jan 10, 2007
Susan Herr Kramer and Porter on Corporate Social Responsiblity Cross-Sectoral Strategies Jan 03, 2007
Susan Herr Ecotourism: One More Way You Do Good Environment Jan 03, 2007
Susan Herr Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished -- Oprah and the Girls Education Jan 02, 2007
Susan Herr Momentum Growing For Juvenile Justice Reform Youth Jan 02, 2007
Susan Herr Make Your Final Gifts of 06 Today Dec 29, 2006
Susan Herr Venture Philanthropy from an Actual VC! Philanthropic Strategy Dec 28, 2006
Susan Herr A Philosopher's Take on What the Rich Should Give High Net Worth Donors Dec 22, 2006
Susan Herr What Price Fundraising Fame? Accountability Dec 21, 2006
Susan Herr Human Rights Video Hub Pilot Peace and Justice Dec 20, 2006
Susan Herr Poking Sticks at the Big Foundations Philanthropic Strategy Dec 14, 2006
Susan Herr Listening to Grantees Philanthropic Strategy Dec 11, 2006
Susan Herr Acumen Funds Wants Your Best and Brightest Global Philanthropy Dec 08, 2006
Susan Herr High-Powered Donors Promote "New Medicine" Dec 04, 2006
Susan Herr A Little Green in Your Capital Campaign, Please? Environment Dec 01, 2006
Susan Herr How About Funding Something a Little Innovative? Philanthropic Strategy Nov 30, 2006
Susan Herr The Emergence of Consumer Philanthropy Scaling Philanthropy Nov 29, 2006
Susan Herr Backlash on Major Gifts to Universities? Education Nov 28, 2006
Susan Herr Fast Company Names Top Social Entreprenuers Cross-Sectoral Strategies Nov 27, 2006
Susan Herr The End of Mom and Pop Nonprofit Shops? Accountability Nov 22, 2006
Susan Herr Take Advantage (Fast) of the New IRA Charitable Rollover Provision Tax Issues Nov 21, 2006
Susan Herr Former Citigroup Chair Offers Advice for Aspiring Donors Nov 20, 2006
Susan Herr Business Models (and other considerations) from the Arts World Arts and Culture Nov 10, 2006
Susan Herr Fashion Industry Philanthropy Cross-Sectoral Strategies Nov 09, 2006
Susan Herr Open Source Solutions to Promote World Peace Nov 07, 2006
Susan Herr Clean Water is Kids Play Global Philanthropy Nov 06, 2006
Susan Herr Wealth and Giving Forum for Donors High Net Worth Donors Nov 03, 2006
Susan Herr Could National Service Be the New Super Glue? Youth Nov 02, 2006
Susan Herr Gergen on Scaling Social Entreprenuers in Education Education Nov 01, 2006
Susan Herr Poverty Alleviation as a For-Profit Affair? Microfinance Oct 31, 2006
Susan Herr New Bible on Strategic Giving? Philanthropic Strategy Oct 30, 2006
Susan Herr Who Me? Care About Tax Cuts? High Net Worth Donors Oct 27, 2006
Susan Herr Perspectives on Philanthropy in Africa Global Philanthropy Oct 26, 2006
Susan Herr Greening the Global Financial Services Industry Environment Oct 25, 2006
Susan Herr Foundation Promotes Accountability in Congress Accountability Oct 24, 2006
Susan Herr You, Too, Can Be a Microfinancier Microfinance Oct 23, 2006
Susan Herr MacArthur Foundation Ponies Up $50m to Understand Youth and Digital Media Youth Oct 20, 2006
Susan Herr Is Retirement Your Chance to Make Money for Good? Social Entreprenuers Oct 18, 2006
Susan Herr New Media Enabling Armies of Citizen Donors Oct 17, 2006
Susan Herr Young Sara Lee Heir Spurs Jewish Philanthropy Intergenerational Oct 16, 2006
Susan Herr Grameen Bank and Founder Win Nobel Microfinance Oct 13, 2006
Susan Herr Mario Morino as a Model for Other Wealthy Donors Philanthropic Strategy Oct 12, 2006
Susan Herr One Laptop Per Child Education Oct 11, 2006
Susan Herr "Entrepreneurial Gene" Number One Foundational Belief for Philanthropy 2.0? High Net Worth Donors Oct 09, 2006
Susan Herr X Prize Foundation Promoting Virtuous Cycle Philanthropic Strategy Oct 07, 2006
Susan Herr Nonprofit Sector Monopoly on Improving Humanity Soooo Over Cross-Sectoral Strategies Oct 04, 2006
Susan Herr Teaching the Poor to Fish for $9 Trillion Global Philanthropy Oct 03, 2006
Susan Herr Defining the Elements of Open Source Philanthropy Oct 02, 2006
Susan Herr Microfinance Growing as a Highly Leveraged Philanthropic Strategy Microfinance Sep 29, 2006
Susan Herr New Sources of Capital Emerging to Advance Public Radio and Others Scaling Philanthropy Sep 27, 2006
Susan Herr Repositioning the Slate Top 60 To Spur Competition Among Donors High Net Worth Donors Sep 26, 2006
Susan Herr MacArthur Foundation Extends their "Genius" Brand Philanthropic Strategy Sep 21, 2006
Susan Herr What the Other Microsoft Philanthropists are Doing High Net Worth Donors Sep 19, 2006
Susan Herr Congressman Calls for More Diversity on Foundation and Nonprofit Boards Sep 19, 2006
Susan Herr Philanthropy Needs to Elevate Donor Voices High Net Worth Donors Sep 18, 2006
Susan Herr Fortune on Clinton's New Model for Philanthropy Philanthropic Strategy Sep 15, 2006
Susan Herr Google Points a Neon Sign Toward the End of Philanthropy As Usual Philanthropic Strategy Sep 14, 2006
Susan Herr 9/11 -- How About A Little Innovation Here, People? Scaling Philanthropy Sep 11, 2006
Susan Herr Conservative Donors Focus on Bio-Terror Preparedness Emergency Preparedness Sep 08, 2006
Susan Herr India's Mrs. Gates Learns Philanthropy from American Donors Global Philanthropy Sep 07, 2006
Susan Herr Paging All New Age Medicis - Patrons of Individual Artists Curried by Major Foundations High Net Worth Donors Sep 06, 2006
Susan Herr WSJ Reporter Says Ivy League Schools Reward Donors with Admission for their Kids High Net Worth Donors Sep 05, 2006
Susan Herr Foundation Accountability Lessons Cast Technorati Wide Accountability Sep 01, 2006
Susan Herr Google CEO Joins Apple Board Philanthropic Strategy Aug 30, 2006
Susan Herr Explaining the Wealth Transfer (Not!) High Net Worth Donors Aug 29, 2006
Susan Herr "Do Tanks" and Open Source Philanthropy Make Good Bedfellows Aug 27, 2006
Susan Herr Salesforce CEO on the Future of Philanthropy Philanthropic Strategy Aug 22, 2006
Susan Herr Enhancing the Scale of Philanthropy Scaling Philanthropy Aug 22, 2006
Susan Herr Trends to Watch Out For -- Good to Great for Communities? Philanthropic Strategy Aug 20, 2006
Susan Herr Bloomberg Joins Gates to Mark a Trend Philanthropic Strategy Aug 20, 2006
Susan Herr Nonprofit Skin in the Game? Accountability Aug 18, 2006