MacArthur Foundation Ponies Up $50m to Understand Youth and Digital Media

515_boys_singing Just had a neighbor over and ended up walking him through Blogosphere 101.  Robert is no different than most of my peers.  Once in, he was delighted by the wealth of perspectives on issues that interest him.  But I've consistently found that supportive, one-on-one coaxing is required to get 30+ adults into the waters of digital media. 

One by-product of that resistance is a growing generational gap between us, our children and grandchildren.  (On the other hand, there is no better way to have a lively dialog with a teen than to ask her to teach you a thing or two about their digital toys.) 

For bigger questions of what digital media means in the lives of youth, and what those of us who care about youth should be doing to support their healthy development in this brave new world, we now have the massive resources and innovative bent  of the John D. and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation

Yesterday, MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton announced his foundation's $50 million commitment in a press conference held live via webcast, on a new blog that enables you to interact with grantees, and  on Second Life, the virtual world funded by the Omidyar Foundation. 

If you want to keep up with this exciting new initiative, sign up for the  "knowledge network" MacArthur is building to advance this work which also includes youth-produced content .

Susan Herr

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