Jobs for Change

Back in the day, before this global economic apocalypse, folks who wanted to move from the for-profit sector to government or nonprofit work were lauded for their altruism. These days, increasing numbers of folks would be happy with any job, much less something that both paid the bills and made it worth getting up in the morning.

Regardless of whether you or someone you know is now open to switching sectors because of idealism or pragmatism, a great new social marketplace is waiting to make it come true. Called Jobs for Change,it was created in partnership with dozens of nonprofits, including Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, AmeriCorps Alums, Echoing Green, Network for Good, and Encore Careers.

The site's goal is to spark a nationwide movement toward careers in the common good - including nonprofit, government, and social enterprise jobs. In addition to a huge database of jobs, career advisors who will be blogging every day to provide guidance on finding and developing a career in social change.

A quick perusal of the site showed me a magic word that can get anyone a job. Sprinkle 'fundraising" liberally throughout your resume, even planting the word through subliminal imaging, and you are like flynn. Don't forget you heard it here...Now go there...

Susan Herr

Posted at 8:32 AM, May 15, 2009 in Nonprofit Management | Permalink