Eli Lilly and Co. -- Innovating to Address TB

Picking up on Alan Smith's "teaching a man to fish" post regarding Rwanda Monday, I was pleased to hear Desiree Filippone, VP of the Eli Lilly Company speak at the Georgetown Global Forum I attended last week on an innovative partnership in which her company is participating to fight TB. Bottom line is that Lilly is not only giving money to fight the disease, it is also building the capacity that affected countries have to manufacture needed, Lilly-trademarked medicines on their own!

The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, which includes 18 partners on five continents, is overseeing the transfer of technology and expertise to manufacture Lilly’s two antibiotics for MDR-TB, capreomycin (Capastat┬«) and cycloserine (Seromycin┬«). Since 2003, Lilly has transferred technology, formulas and trademarks to manufacturers in South Africa, China, India and Russia — some of the world’s highest-burden countries.

According to what I read, "This unique approach not only allows patients to access medicines at lower prices, but also supports local economies and the manufacturing of high-quality medicines. Lilly supplies manufacturing know-how, financial assistance to purchase manufacturing equipment, and training on Good Manufacturing Practices, which raises the overall standards of safety for the production of these medicines."

This is a terrific example of how companies are using their core competencies to conduct more strategic philanthropy. In light of the current economic downturn, we've all got to be more innovative than ever. Kudos to Lilly for this one...

Susan Herr

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