Acumen Funds Wants Your Best and Brightest

acumen fund.gifSo you spent a gazillion dollars putting your kids through the best education money and back-breaking effort can provide and they get some crazy idea they want to use it to make the world a better place? Those who could succeed at Goldman but choose another path will find no better use for their talent than in partnership with Jacqueline Novogratz (check out her blog) and the crew at the Acumen Fund. If you don't know Acumen, they are the rock stars of social entreprenuerialism who "build financially sustainable and scalable organizations that deliver affordable, critical goods and services that target the four billion people living on less than $4 a day."

The Acumen's 2008 Fellows Program is accepting applications through January 31. Not to make it any scarier for you, Mom, but job locations include: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Pakistan. From Acumen's site:

Ideal fellows include those who have already decided on a career in venture philanthropy, those who are seeking a career at the highest levels in the corporate world but want to better understand and have an impact on problems of global poverty, and budding social entrepreneurs who want to learn about managing organizations in the most demanding settings.

It is yesteryear's equivalent of sending a son into the priesthood or a daughter into the nunnery but only the very best and brightest will make this cut.

Susan Herr

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