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Thanks to Tim Ogden from BeyondPhilanthropy.org for providing resources in response to Carla Dearing's post, Microfinance is No Silver Bullet for Poverty. Two points of interest from Tim:

We posted last week about Geneva Global’s Making the Most of Microfinance conference call. The call was recorded so that those who couldn’t listen live could have a chance to hear from the panel of experts who presented. (Grab that recording here.) Here you’ll find links to download excerpts from the call.

The first section provides an overview of the current state of the microfinance industry. The second section is a discussion of microfinance and its role, or lack thereof, in creating and fostering small and medium enterprises. In the third section, the panelists weigh in on the question of whether too much capital is currently flowing to the microfinance sector. The fourth section features the panelists discussing the challenges and opportunities in the microfinance industry today, and key questions investors should consider when forming a microfinance strategy. Finally, several of the panelists discuss whether investors should care how microfinance borrowers use their loans.

The other is an overview of BeyondPhilanthropy.com which is obviously a terrific resource for PhilanthroMedia readers:

Beyond Philanthropy is Geneva Global’s forum for comment and analysis on the philanthropy and social investing industries. Beyond Philanthropy is not about Geneva Global; it is about our perspective on the broader world of development, philanthropy, and dual-purpose investing. While the media coverage of these topics has skyrocketed in recent years, we find much of the coverage is disjointed, and difficult to find and follow. Worst of all, it fails to address key questions that can help investors make more effective and rewarding choices.

We intend Beyond Philanthropy to be a resource for donors and investors who care about being effective. We’ll highlight news and opinions that we think should be more broadly known, and we’ll point out stories we think are off the mark.

Our goal is for Beyond Philanthropy to be a vital resource for donors and investors, whether they are clients of Geneva Global or not. Additionally we will:

* advocate wise stewardship and results-based investing and giving
* encourage thoughtful dialogue on innovation in philanthropy
* question the status quo in development, philanthropy and social investing

Susan Herr

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Just a note that the addresses above are .org, no .com:


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