Small Family Foundation Wins National Recognition

The Sobrato Family Foundation won the 2007 Award for Outstanding Foundation at the recent conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (articles about the award can be linked to from their home page.) I think it is notable for several reasons which include:

- The Family has made its money as the largest property owner in Silicon Valley and much of what they provide to nonprofits is rent-free space. It strikes me as a great example of how donors can combine their specific business interests and assets to greater impact in social change.

- The foundation provides money and property solely for general operating support because that is what nonprofits say they most need and can best use. It's been a big fight in our sector and here are some folks who seem to think it works well.

- I also remember sitting on a panel at some point in the last few years with Sobrato's executive director, Diane Ford, who was talking about crazy things like how to reduce the paperwork required for grant applications.

Sometimes the good guys win too!

Susan Herr

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