VIDEO -- Actress Speaks, from Experience, for Talented Foster Youth

PhilanthroMedia caught up with actress, author and philanthropist Victoria Rowell at the recent National Center for Black Philanthropy conference where she spoke to the need for greater investment in foster care. Rowell describes herself as a “product of black philanthropy” having, herself, spent 18 years in foster care. In this interview, portions of which will be included in an upcoming episode of “Dialogue for the Discerning Donor,” Victoria speaks specifically to what donors can do to support youth in foster care who aspire to careers in the fine arts. Her message is particularly compelling not only because she is a woman who knows whereof she speaks, but also because she speaks to meeting needs extremely gifted foster youth can’t expect even from full college scholarships. For more from Victoria, check out her bestselling memoir, The Women Who Raised Me.

Susan Herr

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