VIDEO -- Latinos Advance Healthy Living

In this episode of "Dialogue for Donors," PhilanthroMedia travels to Trenton, NJ to CYO Mercer County Catholic Youth Organization to learn more about the Salsa, Sabor y Salud program which uses a culturally-sensitive approach to advance healthy living in Latino communities. Developed by Kraft General Foods, in partnership with the National Latino Children's Institute, the program has received high marks from the Center for Prevention Research at the University of Illinois.

Given the fact that the American Association of Pediatricians has labeled obesity the most chronic health problem facing American children, programs like this one are sorely needed. As a former program officer, I was especially impressed with the high participation and retention rates in Trenton's program. And as for its director, Gloria Pica, you just gotta meet her. So tune in.

Susan Herr

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