Microfinance's Appeal for Entreprenuers

If you achieved affluence by building your own successful company, microfinance may provide you with the opportunity to apply many of those same skills to philanthropy. If you've read a paper in the last year or two, you know microfinance is all the rage for creating change, but a new article from HNW Wealth News suggests the reason why it's so hot is not because of what it can do for communities, but how it aligns with the instincts of entreprenuerial donors:

Providing a hand up rather than a handout intrigues many wealthy individuals,” says Douglas Bauer, senior vice president of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Microfinance provides the chance for would-be microfinanciers to closely monitor the fruits of their gifts, as well as the opportunity to make good use of their successful business principles.

You know it's really all about you so learn more here.

Susan Herr

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