Spiritually and Ethically-Oriented Advisors

Responding to Carla's Dearing's two-part post on "redefining social investing" was Ron Robins who says he has been tracking trends in the category for 40 years. His website, investingforthesoul.com includes an impressive array of resources for spiritually and ethically-oriented investors and investment advisors.

On the topic of corporate sustainability reporting standards, for instance, Ron writes:

I welcome the developments in this area! If investors are to have faith in environmental, social and governance reporting by companies, there must be a uniform standard for these reports as well as independent auditing and audit commentary, on them. All companies will come to see the advantage of using corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. Competing on a such a basis, companies will be more efficient, effective and maximize profits. Leading companies in almost every industry are usually the ones with the best CSR policies and activities.

Ron's take is robustly global so, if you are interested in someone whose been around on this newly chic topic, check out his site.

Susan Herr

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