Tracy Gary on "Inspired Legacies"

Tracy Gary.jpg As a young woman, Tracy Gary inherited millions and immediately began pursuing what she calls an “inspired legacy. PhilanthroMedia interviewed Tracy for the December episode of our video web series, "Dialogue with Donors."

The third edition of her book, "Inspired Legacies" has just been released. According to Ruth Ann Harnisch, The Harnisch Family Foundation"Clinton's GIVING is the WHAT, Gary's Inspired Philanthropy is the HOW. Tracy helps each of us make the most of our giving, no matter how much or how little we think we have to share."

It's fascinating to hear stories from Tracy about the thousands of donors she has personally met and helped craft giving plans. She's now made the wealth of resources she has developed in her work available free, on-line. Her worksheets can help you write your mission statement, evaluate groups for funding, and assess potential advisors.

I count myself as one of Tracy's many fans enamored with the unflagging commitment she has made to inspired philanthropy.

Susan Herr

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