Financial Times Speaks to Need for Board Members

Yesterday's post looked at the most recent issue of Family Giving News which encourges donors to consider the myriad of ways they can increase their impact by looking beyond the wallet. A recent article from the Financial Times corroborates that message, suggesting that board positions are much more easy to come by than they used to be:

Non-profit boards may have been cliquey in the past, as members were often tapped by personal friends. But now anecdotal evidence suggests demand for board members far exceeds supply, and organisations are increasingly seeking an infusion new blood at affordable prices.

Whether you are an empty nester eager to contribute, a retiree looking for a second act, or a Wall Street upstart who wants to use her bonus to serve her city and score a career boost in the process, there are strategies to navigating the non-profit world.

Nonprofits are looking for talent, and few folks would argue with the idea that donors will greatly enhance their knowledge of giving with a stint on at least one well-managed board.

Susan Herr

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