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Susan Herr Acumen Fund's Novogratz Has a Compelling Story to Tell Mar 06, 2009
Susan Herr VIDEO-- Engaging Youth Post-Election Streaming Media Jan 23, 2009
Alan Smith Music to Our E-ears Arts and Culture Dec 16, 2008
Alan Smith Using Old School Journalism as a Bridge to New School Media. Philanthropic Strategy Dec 02, 2008
Dana Variano VIDEO -- Raj Patel on American Democracy Health Oct 17, 2008
Alan Smith VIDEO -- LaDonna Redmond on Inner City Access (Not!) to Healthy Food Health Oct 16, 2008
Dana Variano VIDEO -- Gerardo Reyes Chávez on the Rights of Farm Workers Health Oct 16, 2008
Alan Smith VIDEO -- Alice Waters on Ending Childhood Hunger through the Public Schools Streaming Media Oct 16, 2008
Dana Variano VIDEO -- Cummings Foundation President on Clean Air in LA Environment Oct 16, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO - Ana Oliveira on ROI for Foundation Support of Policy Efforts Streaming Media Sep 16, 2008
Susan Herr Audiocast : Donor Strategies for the Environment Streaming Media Aug 01, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO--Farmers Markets are a "Growing" Movement Environment Jun 23, 2008
Caroline Heine Social Networking for Social Change Social Entreprenuers May 13, 2008
Susan Herr GOOD Magazine Appears to Be... Apr 29, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Latinos Advance Healthy Living Health Apr 22, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Ben Cameron on Arts Innovation Mar 06, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO--Mayors Speak to America's Needs Streaming Media Feb 25, 2008
Susan Herr VIDEO-Building Philanthropic Families Dec 21, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Texas Tackles Wrongful Conviction Oct 31, 2007
Susan Herr Richard Branson on Capitalist Philanthropy Oct 17, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Youth on the Road to Public Policy Careers Peace and Justice Oct 12, 2007
Tim Walter VIDEO--Funding Arts with a Passion Sep 20, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Donor Engagement and Scale Aug 31, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Dining for Board Diversity Streaming Media Aug 14, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Redefining Black Philanthropy Streaming Media Aug 03, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Introducing GivingNet Streaming Media Aug 01, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Actress Speaks, from Experience, for Talented Foster Youth Youth Aug 01, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO -- Changing Public Education on a Scale That Matters Streaming Media Jun 25, 2007
Susan Herr Video : Foundation Leaders Offer "Insider Insights" Streaming Media May 31, 2007
Susan Herr Audiocast : Donor Strategies for the Environment Environment May 29, 2007
Susan Herr VIDEO--Filmanthropy Debuts at Sundance Cross-Sectoral Strategies Apr 27, 2007
Susan Herr Human Rights Video Hub Pilot Peace and Justice Dec 20, 2006
System Admin Active Philanthropist or Passive Donor: Why Giving Profiles Matter Scaling Philanthropy Oct 15, 2005