Our Permanent Library of Information

In the five years since PhilanthroMedia began writing, the world of philanthropy has changed a lot. What has remained the same, however, is the utility of the (735!) posts that our many authors have put together. We're deeply happy with the library of information we've built on the subject of philanthropy, and wish we could keep on going forever. However, due to the economy, we've being forced to shut our e-doors. But don't fear! We probably will post now and then, as we can't help but be a part of this dynamic field. Furthermore, the site will stay up as a resource for gaining tools and strategies which will help anyone working in the philanthropic/non-profit sector.

And PhilanthroMedia isn't going anywhere, either. We're starting a new gig with the Communications Network, and both Susan and Dana will be writing for their blog and article database. It's been a great run, and we appreciate your readership and comments. Keep on giving!

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