Investing During an Economic Downturn

Cartoon20Small20Business.jpgEverywhere you look in this current economic climate, someone is pulling their life savings out of the world market and stuffing it into the proverbial mattress. But there has to be a better economic strategy, right? Just because a bunch of Wall Street wonks made some greedy decisions shouldn't mean that one's faith in the economy, and in human development of that economy, should be reduced to a pile of empty stock tickets.

One thing I've seen remain constant in this world, through economic dips and rises, is the hardworking nature of the American entrepreneur. I personally know loads of individuals who are working daily to build a business, spread an idea, or help advance a cause. I trust these people, I believe in what they are doing, and I have a pretty good idea of the metrics they're seeing. So why am I not investing in them? Why am I instead investing my hard-earned cash in companies to whom I have no connection, in companies who have erected an iron wall between myself and their inner workings? I have no stake in seeing them succeed- in fact, if I invest in (let's say) WalMart, and my stock goes up, great. I just made some money. But, on the contrary, WalMart just got the ability to come into my local town, tear down some trees, and erect a box store in my backyard.

So maybe, in this difficult economic time, we should instead look to the small independent thinkers that we all know, and give them a little push forward. Invest in their company, give them some start-up cash, and help build the diverse network of small businesses that can help rebuild the world's economy.

Dana Variano

Posted at 1:00 AM, Dec 11, 2008 in Philanthropic Strategy | Permalink | Comment