Donor To Do List

genome.jpgEven as the prospect of government investment in creative solutions to social problems looks more promising than ever, philanthropy will still be looked at to do the risky stuff, the experimental stuff that will not attract private or government money until effective models are identified and proven.

Wired Magazine recently published The 2008 Smart List: 15 People the Next President Should Listen To, but it struck me as equally effective as a starting point for donors looking to make a difference on the leading edge of social change in the next decade.

"The country needs fresh directions and crisp action plans on intractable issues like climate change, energy, security, and defense. To help shape your thinking, we've come up with a Smart List of 15 Wired people with big ideas about how to fix the things that need fixing," according to Wired.

From recent work in the university health care industry, I can vouch that the dialogue about new investment in health care is all about leap frogging forward using interdisciplinary science and medical research to new horizons like these:

Leroy Hood: Look to the Genome to Rebuild Health Care
Mark Smolinski: Detect Epidemics Before They Start
Peter Gleick: Deal With the Water Crisis Now

A hopeful list in a pivotal time. Your thoughts?

Carla E. Dearing

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