Is Your Bathroom Green?

green bathroom.jpg This is perhaps a sensitive question. It doesn't necessarily sound like a good thing to have a green bathroom, considering the kinds of germs and bacteria and other things that may start to take on a green hue if left unattended in such a setting. But in this case, the question relates to a better version of the verdant variety; that is, is your bathroom green, as in, friendly to the environment?

How could you know such a thing? Well, leave it to our friends at the Sierra Club to figure out a way to calculate the environmental impact of our personal hygiene salons. Continuing their "How green is my...?" campaign, the latest survey alllows one to figure out the answer to a question burning in the minds of most earth lovers: "How green is my bathroom?" All kidding aside, the survey does touch on some very easy things that average individuals can do as a part of their daily routine to decrease their environmental impact. Such simple things include:

- decreasing the length of your shower
- installing low flush toilets and low flow showerheads
- checking faucets, toilets and pipes for leaks

You may not think this is a very important issue, but according to the Sierra Club, the average American uses 100 gallons of water a day. So the next time you grab your rubber ducky and head for the shower, remember there are some easy things you can do to get clean and help conserve water at the same time! (For more tips about living a green life, check out

Caroline Heine

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