How Green is Your Laundry?

living green.jpg Every day, people are looking for tangible ways to make a difference in the fight against global warming and climate change. While it may not be feasible for everyone to trade in their current vehicles for the latest hybrids on the market, it is helpful to learn that there are steps we can take that are meaningful and that, if taken to scale, could really have a lasting impact.

The Sierra Club is offering just such advice with a regular series of "green lifestyle tips." The first of this series was a survey that asked, "How Green is Your Laundry?" and was quite enlightening on ways to reduce one's environmental impact just by changing one's laundry habits. In a follow up to the survey, the Sierra Club reported that, "a stunning 40,000 of you wanted to know how green your laundry was, and we think the number of comments and amount of feedback received set a record." The second survey is about bicycling. Check out "How Green is My Bike Ride?" if you want to know more. You can even sign up for their newsletter and get a green living tip every day.

The nice thing about this type of information is that it gives people real choices. Maybe you are not prepared to wear your clothing for weeks at a time before washing it, but are willing to wash almost all your laundry in cold water. And while you might not be ready to trade in your padded lycra bike shorts for hemp (ouch), you might be encouraged to trade your car for your bike on a regular basis.

Kermit the Frog said, "It's not easy being green," but with a little help and some good information, it's getting easier...

Caroline Heine

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