VIDEO--Funding Arts with a Passion

For this episode of Dialogue for Donors, the Association of Small Foundations invited PhilanthroMedia to capture insights from arts donors we recently convened in Manhattan to explore greater impact. The key themes which emerged that day, and which you will see in this five-minute piece, include:

- As the title suggests, and as our seminar proved, arts donors are extremely passionate about extending to broader audiences, the gifts they have received from the arts.

- As The Rockefeller Foundation's Joan Shigekawa points out, arts donors are often overtly investing not just to make the world beautiful but also to promote the types of innovation that our Information Economy requires in order to prosper.

- This ain't your granddaddy's philanthropic sector. As Ben Cameron from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation points out so eloquently with his quote from hockey great, Wayne Gretsky, informed donors are helping arts organizations shake free of their everyday struggles to tap new wellsprings of creativity.

Donors are looking for more and I am heartened to report that innovative options abound.

Tim Walter

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