Giving in Second Home Communities

Some generous givers are fortunate to own more than one home, and generally they are willing to support causes in their second home communities. The greater problem in my experience has been whether the second-home communities have nonprofits that understand how to appeal to these givers in a way that inspires them.

The problem is that when givers are in their second home communities, they are ready to kick back. Attending a fundraising function or receiving a call from a fundraiser is precisely the kind of daily activity that they seek to avoid. These givers are here to unwind and to break the pattern of the weekday lifestyle.

I am amazed that nonprofits in second home communities don't realize this and don't organize themselves to approach the issue intelligently. The answer is simple. University alumni associations deal with this all the time. Approach people in groups or in person in their home communities. Meet them in their place of work. Ask them to host a cocktail party. The opportunity to help the nonprofits in their second-home communities in these traditional ways will seem a breath of fresh air, and from my observation the results have been superb.

This approach adheres to fundraising basics. Listen before you talk. Gauge carefully a donor's motivation. Respect the donor's time. Make the right ask at the right time in the right way.

Robert Thalhimer

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