Holy Cow! You got me what?

cow2.jpgAhhh. Tis the season. Holiday hustling abounds and all across the nation folks are struggling with that certain someone on their list who is simply impossible to buy for. Sound familiar? Well, this year, perhaps the perfect prize for the man or woman who has everything is a gift to someone who has almost nothing.

And just what does one give someone who has nothing? As it turns out, you give them a cow. Or a goat. Or a llama or a pig or a water buffalo. How about a flock of chicks or ducks or geese? A trio of bunnies? Can’t afford a whole hog? That’s okay—you can give a share of whatever suits your fancy.

You might ask, “Why livestock?” The answer, according to the good folks at Heifer International, is that meeting basic human needs is not enough of an answer to curing the dire social ills of the world. After immediate needs for food, shelter, fresh water, clothing and other necessities have been met, Heifer works within communities to empower people “with the economic means - such as livestock, training and other resources - to rebuild their families, their neighborhoods and their hope for sustainable futures.”

So this year, send a flock of hope. And when the livestock arrives, know that it brings with it “the benefits of milk, wool, draft power, eggs and offspring” to improve and sustain the lives of those much less fortunate, who then pass their gifts on to others in their community. Glad tidings, indeed.

Caroline Heine

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