Evan Variano

Evariano.JPGDr. Evan Variano's undergraduate studies were at Princeton University in Physics. In parallel with those studies, Variano engaged in human rights work with Amnesty International. This experience taught him the importance of international economics and finance in questions of global politics. To understand these better, he joined Marakon Associates' New York office. Riding the Hudson Line train to work during an active period in the long-running debate over Hudson River PCB remediation, Variano realized that his disparate interests in physics, economics, and helping others worldwide could be united in the field of Environmental Engineering. He began this new education by studying fluid dynamics at Cornell University, completing a Ph.D. on Carbon Dioxide exchange processes at air-water interfaces. Following this, Variano joined a collaboration between Columbia University and the National Park Service to research preservation options in Everglades National Park. Evan now teaches environmental fluid mechanics in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at University of California, Berkeley.

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